More OS X Freeware

A couple of freeware OS X utilities which have served me well these past few weeks:

  • RBrowserLite, FTP client. Somehow, Cyberduck and LiFTP weren’t cutting it for me, but this has worked a bit better. RBrowser Lite’s interface is a bit cluttered, but it transfers files, and that’s what really matters.
  • R-Name, batch file renamer. Since I’m too lazy to figure out the single line batch file rename script in Darwin, and since ABFR costs money, R-Name will do. The author suggests a donation to UNICEF for the use of his software. Sounds good. Note that you must use File > Open to get files to rename before you do anything else. That was a bit confusing at first.
  • (Oh, and of course, The Application Formerly Known As Hydra, now SubEthaEdit, has been an excellent code editor, and the collaborative functions are icing on the cake.)