New iBook pricing

The amount I paid for a refurbed G3-700MHz iBook last week could have gotten me a brand new G3-800MHz iBook this week. I bought mine right on the edge of a giant pricing tier, eh ngayon nalugi!

That’s how technology goes, I suppose; next thing you know they’ll be hawking iBooks from vending machines (iVend?) for a hundred apiece. Then they’ll get stuck in that coily thing and you’ll have to put in five more $20’s to get two.

The plus side: this makes Apple stuff ever more available to the Wintel masses, since pricing has always been one of the biggest obstacles to Apple’s market dominance.


  1. Tim says:

    In the most recent Mac Addict, there is an article on the price difference between Apple and Dell. To get the same set up on a Dell, MacAddict claimes you have pay more.

  2. Dave Nat says:

    You’re right about wintel crossover. I’ve been a semi-reluctant wintel user for almost five years straight, yet always maintaining an appreciation for the smoothness and visual superiority (of the hardware and the OS) of Macs. Just now I’ve aquired a couple-of-year old Powerbook G3 for a great deal, so I can at least put a toe back on the other side of the fence. But I do need to re-adjust to the single mouse button.