CVS, fink, finkcommander, devtools, Jaguar, tcsh, bash, and a partridge in a pear tree.

To install CVS on my iBook, I had to get Fink. To use Fink, I had to install the Apple Devtools kit. Fink had problems with the devtools’ C compiler, so I had to get a newer devtools package from ADC. (265MB download with patches!) To ease up on command line stress, I got Fink Commander. Just as I had finished that up, Fink for Jaguar came out. After selfupdating and installing CVS and running it and failing and setting my CVSROOT and CVS_RSH environment variables and testing SSH and trying again, CVS still won’t work properly.

Keith, our guru at work, says I should try using bash instead of tcsh. That is beyond my comprehension. To set OS X Jaguar’s Terminal to run bash by default, open /Applications/ Utilities/ Netinfo Manager, go to users/ yourusername, and change the “shell” environment variable from “tcsh” to “bash.”

Update: Oh, great. All that, and now I find that the Fink package table for fink0.5.0a doesn’t have a CVS port yet. I surrender.