No sooner had I finished one sound project (Quicktime, 4.7MB), then two more popped up to take its place. It’s like fighting the Hydra.

And speaking of Hydra, I tested an OS X application by the same name a few days ago: a freeware Rendezvous-enabled programmer’s editor. It’s pretty neat: simple and usable interface with remarkably intuitive syntax highlighting. Ideally, Hydra should allow collaborative work on single text files through a LAN or over the internet. I say “ideally,” because I tried out the collab features with fellow MeFite Steve, and we could not access each other’s shared documents at all. Also, I have the usual problems with the Finder-based open/save dialogs, and the edit screen itself is not quite as intuitive with tabs and indents as I would like.

All in all, jEdit is still my programmer’s editor of choice. (Though the recent Java 1.4.1 upgrade broke my installation of the jEdit OSX package, so I had to reinstall from the Java binary.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    I was very impressed with Hydra. Steve and I played with it here on our network at home, and it seemed to work fine. Did you only try it over the internet?

    I’ve got some co-workers that swear by jedit, but I didn’t find it as polished as BBEdit.

  2. daniel says:

    hmm, Camino didn’t remember my name when going Back to this page, yet it remembered the text in the comment. Odd … but that’s why there’s no name on the above comment.

    Also, your ‘one sound project’ seems to be corrupted. It’s just static .. at least with Quicktime 6.1.1.

  3. Paulo says:

    Actually, I’m okay with BBEdit, except that the OS X Finder open/save dialog really gets on my nerves. One of the main reasons I stick to jEdit is because it gives me a filename field which lets me type the whole path to the file into it. That’s a big detail for me.

    Try the .MOV again. I had accidentally uploaded it in ASCII the first time around.

    Oh, and sorry about the Remember Me glitches. I’ll fix those up when I upgrade to MT2.6 next month. :)