MacBook Soft Folding Cases

The market for MacBook cases seems a lot more focused on sleeves which require you to slide out your MacBook to use it. (Theory: Bigger market for people who want to show off their MacBooks but keep them protected when not in use?) I had a tougher time finding decent folding cases which wrap around the MacBook and let you work without separating MacBook from cover. (I know about Speck covers but I wanted something soft and cushiony.) Here are some of the soft folding cases I considered:

In the end I got an Isis Dei “Roach” case, which had a nice, natural-looking woven hemp lining surrounding a 5mm memory foam cover. (Apparently “roach” is pothead slang for makeshift tongs used to hold shortened burning marijuana joints. I guess the idea is that the MacBook is case is the container which delivers a hot, addictive, mind-altering agent which needs something to hold it? I don’t know; being a total square, I have never smoked any such recreational pharmaceuticals. Update: Thanks to Scully for the correct definition.) For your amusement and information, I’ve made a video review of the Isis Dei case:

Review – Isis Dei “Roach” Folding Case from brownpau on Vimeo.


  1. scully says:

    Actually “roach” is pothead slang for the small remaining part of a joint which is too small to pass without the help of a “roach clip” to avoid burning one’s fingers. Roach clips can be made from many things, but often times “alligator clips” are used.

  2. Paulo says:

    Thanks, Scully. If the roach is the joint itself, that just muddles the metaphorical role of the case — but it is made of hemp.

  3. scully says:

    I appreciate your links and video. Sarah needs a new case for her black MacBook.

    The case we got for the new Touch is made of ORGANIC hemp.

    Farm out, man.

    (BTW, is one required to click “Preview” here in order to avoid the MT error message?)