Prokofiev and OS X 10.0.4

Went to Meyerhoff Symphony Hall with a friend* tonight to watch the Baltimore Symphony (under conductor Yuri Temirkanov with solo violinist Boris Belkin) play Prokofiev’s “Classical” Symphony and Violin Concerto No. 2, Debussy’s “Iberia”, and De Falla’s “Ritual Fire Music.” I enjoyed Prokofiev’s “Classical” Symphony the most, probably for its having been composed after the style of Josef Haydn — with its melodic neo-classical structure, it was a refreshing departure from the sea of romantic and modern era atonality and dissonance.

Afterwards, I visited aforementioned friend’s apartment to struggle with a rather vile installation of OS X 10.0.4: a beastly little piece of recalcritant software which should never have been released before Jaguar. Grrr.