iPhoto Eats My Albums

I don’t know if it was the upgrade, or the unexpected rare OS X kernel panic this morning, or my using the verbose booting hack at lunch, but I just lost all my Safari and Finder preferences on reboot. For some reason, though, Safari is looking great; the font sizes are no longer too small, which was my complaint before, and the web is suddenly much more readable.

But every single album in iPhoto has disappeared. Ouch.

Oh, the photos are all there, but all I have is the library; my years of sorting into albums are gone, so every picture from the past two years now sits in a huge, uncategorized heap, arranged, at least, in chronological order. I have about ten photos left to update the photolog to its most current state; for those last ten I must hunt, proverbial needles in a massive visual haystack. Thanks, a lot, iPhoto. I sure am looking forward to recategorizing all 1,409 photos back into your tenuous album system.

Update: Oh joy, I just lost all my Mail.app settings and every message in my inbox, too.

Update: It was the kernel panic that did it. Wah.