OS X Links

Those are my regular online haunts for OS X news, software, and content. Where else do you other Mac-users like to go?


  1. Raffy says:

    How about apple.com? :>

  2. Bam says:

    MacRumors is pretty interesting; they accurately predicted most of the product announcements at MWSF, even the implausible-sounding 17″ PowerBook.

  3. Tim says:

    The Mac Observer gathers stories from all over the place. They also have the best behaved forums on the net. I stop there many times a day.

  4. dbergey says:

    As the Apple Turns is generally rather hilarious. It’s been updated rather sporadically since they had a baby, though.

    MacCentral is a counterpart to MacNN. I try to check them both.

    MacOSXRumors almost always has very interesting dirt, but they are updated less often than MacOSRumors, another marginally reliable source.

    To finish it out, The Mac Night Owl has more of an editorial style, with new articles appearing regularly.

    I usually don’t actually go looking, though. MacReporter brings me my news. :)

  5. Jesper says:

    Damn; Raffy beat me!

  6. Daniel says:

    MacSurfer is my one-stop shopping site for daily Mac news. Caveat: it ain’t a pretty site.