So long, IE/Mac

Looks like that’s it for IE/Mac. I can’t say I’m sad to see it go; while the compliance cabal once considered it the browser of choice in a standards-parched world, recent years have seen far more worthy contenders to the throne.

Update: Tantek, Jimmy Grewal, and Craig Saila say goodbye. And Zeldman, of course.

Update: It just occurred to me that IE5/Mac wasn’t so much of a big deal to me because I got started on compliant CSS-based design a bit later in the game then most others, when browsers like Opera and Mozilla were already on the scene. Reading Tantek’s linked responses, however, really drives home just how important a step IE5/Mac was back then — at a time when I was still a budding designer, doing my nested HTML tables in PageMill and Dreamweaver 3 for a mostly-Netscape 3/4 audience. Who would have thought back then that we’d see days like these?