Going Beyond Default

Build and install Apache 1.3.28 and PHP 4.3.3 on OS X. Quick and painless. My local development environment just got a bit nicer.

Skin01 has been redesigned, but IE5.x/Win continues to break the sidebar CSS spectacularly. I’m working on it, but Virtual PC does not share OS X’s Apache server, though it does share its internet connection. As a result, in Win/VPC, I can only view changes to projects after the files have been uploaded.

If I can manage to (1) get Apache/OSX to share local VirtualHosts with Win98, and/or (2) install Apache and PHP into Win98/VPC, then set up my VirtualHosts to point to my web projects directory on a shared drive, I should be able to view the site locally in both OS X and Win98. Coding and proofing should run a bit easier once that works.


  1. David says:

    Jeepers. I really need to get up to date on the webdesign lingo. Especially if I plan on pursuing web design. Apache who?

  2. sparticus says:

    If it’s the navigation part that’s breaking ( the ul#nav li a { display: block; padding: 2px 5px; } bit ), when I tried to do something similar I found that display:block breaks in ie5.x so I used the box model hacky thingy to stop ie from seeing it and the background colors. So that in ie5 the links just look like normal links, as opposed to buttons.