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Selected Readings on Internet History

A Brief History of the Internet, from DARPA to the FNC, by the Internet Society. Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think,” seminal 1945 essay on a future machine that could visually trace user paths through a network of hypertextual content. The Hut Where the Internet Began. It was in the Philippines that the late Douglas […]

Yahoo Buys Tumblr

So Yahoo acquired Tumblr. This might not bode well, considering what happened to Geocities, or it might bode at least kind of well, considering that Yahoo might have saved Flickr from itself. For what it’s worth, Marissa Mayer has promised “not to screw it up.” I moved my “tangential hilarity” weblog to Tumblr from Livejournal […]

Twitter Archive

My Twitter archive How to download your Twitter archive About a year after I complained about Twitter’s lack of archiving, they implemented a kind of backup solution involving a zipped tweet archive. The Twitter archive is a bit of a headscratcher. It’s a searchable offline snapshot of tweets stored in JSON files organized into a […]

My SEO Level is Over 9000

It all started with my 99 character SEO seminar, in which I challenged the bloated world of search engine optimization (SEO) with just a few simple rules which had always worked for me: (1) Write compelling content. (2) Use descriptive headlines. (3) Link judiciously. (4) Get linked. Josh (whom some of you may know better […]

Breaking Up (With Twitter) Is Hard To Do

Last June I broke up with Twitter in a haze of tears and drama. I was tired of unreliability and whales and repeated “Something went wrong!” alert boxes and losing instant messages, and decided it was time to see other microblogging services. Pownce was okay, despite past incidences of seething hatred for it. It had […]

Getting Cable While Losing the TV

Through years of apartment living, we’ve watched relatively little television — just LOST, The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and the occasional Simpsons/Seinfeld rerun, really — so we’ve been satisfied to not have cable, sticking with just bunny ears, DVDs, and the internet; especially the internet. Services like Joost, Miro, Hulu, and various networks’ online episode viewers […]

Feed Changes

If you follow How Now Brownpau through a feed reader, change the feed URL to (The current feed URL will soon redirect.) I’m starting to aggregate to a single stream (with help from a Yahoo Pipe) so that my dear readers are saved the trouble of visiting a plethora of sites (or subscribing to […]

We Love DC

I had stopped writing for DC Metroblogging earlier this year, at a point when my posting frequency was down to about once a month and my work/home life simply did not give me time for it. There was no drama or conflict involved, just simple quiet lapsing into dormancy because I had too much on […]

Owning the Clouds – Apology, Withdrawal

Followup to Owning The Clouds and the update: I got an email from Sarah Bernard of 23/6, apologizing for the inadvertent pulling of my video due to Google/YouTube’s content identification. I forgive you, 23/6! Dear Paulo, I’m Sarah Bernard, President of 23/6. Please know that we certainly did not intend for our posting the video, […]

Owning the Clouds – Update

Update: An apology from 23/6, inaction from Google. Update: Good news! I have uploaded my cloud time lapses to Vimeo. To emphasize the authenticity of the footage, I have uploaded the uncut version, with camera jostles and stretches of relatively empty sky that were edited out of the version more popularly distributed as various parodies […]