Clouds, Anonymous, Nader

Back in my old apartment I would often leave my webcam on the window ledge, pointed up at the sky to record passing clouds as timelapse sequences, the best of which I compiled into a single video:

I uploaded the video to Google, left it open to saving and embedding for anyone who might want the clouds for something, and pretty much forgot about it, neglecting to even post it to my videolog. More than a year later, reading about Project Chanology, (though I’m not much of a suppressive myself beyond the occasional link and snarky comment) I found a video by Anonymous* which, I’m flattered to say, used my cloud time lapses as a dark, sinister backdrop:

The icing on the cake is that Andy Cobbon (of Democrats For Romney fame) combined Chanology parody with biting political commentary to produce this just-as-sinister message to Ralph Nader (caveat: some adult language):

It would appear that the clouds over my apartment have catalyzed a new class of online video meme: the sinister computer-voiced message to [INSERT CULTIC ENTITY OR POLITICAL NUISANCE HERE]. You’re welcome, internet. I’m glad to be of service.

* Contrary to the breathless panic of clueless sensationalists, Anonymous is not a hacker group but rather is everyone. You, me, him, her, we are all Anonymous. That is why we are legion.