Stickam. One might be tempted to dismiss it at first glance as just a video-enabled Myspace clone for emo teens with webcams; but looking past that you’ll find a fairly robust and platform-independent Flash-based webcam broadcast and videoconferencing app. There’s a profile page with an embedabble Flash viewer, a full screen personal conference popup with privacy options, group video chat rooms, and hosted galleries for photo, video and audio content. Is this the dawn of Cam Whoring 2.0? Oh, and see if you can catch the Pissed-Off Caveman, actually a webcam pointed at a Robot Chimpanzee Head all day.

As an example, here’s my Stickam conference page (which right now just shows my cat, as I’m not at home). The cool part is that it’s streaming, it’s live, and I didn’t need to set up a cam server or even download software to do it. It’s all running from a browser window.

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Update: I have left Stickam and switched to uStream.
Update: As of February 2013, Stickam has shut down.