Cancelling AOL

Note: I AM NOT WITH AOL. This is a personal weblog post about me, Paulo, cancelling my AOL subscription following unsavory experiences with their software and service. If you arrived here via a search for instructions on how to do it, go here:

Cancelling AOL.

I just cancelled my AOL, and none of the infamous horror stories came to pass. The guy on the line was courteous and thorough, even through the usual AOL service sales pitches. I’m wondering if this means that, when my service expires, I will lose my pre-existing AIM screen name which I used to sign up. No great loss, I suppose. I have others.


  1. Daniel says:

    You get to keep your AIM screen name. I went through the same thing. Unfortunately, I gave in to the sales pitch and signed up for AOL NetMarket (I’ve cancelled it shortly after, hehe).