I noticed a visit from the domain “” in my stats just now, and I wondered: what US military entity could possibly be interested in my February 2002 archive? There was nothing at the domain itself, but a quick Google search turned up some interesting data on the “” phenomenon.


  1. Joshua says:

    You’re being spied on! I had one from the NAVY the other day. LOL!

  2. cyberlizard says:

    I got hit by that domain too. I was totally weirded out, but decided to ignore it.

  3. okcalvin says:


    I’ve been hit by them a number of times. There ARE bots out there which the brother of a friend has written for use by NSA, CIA & FBI (and I guess will be used by the proposed Department of Homeboy Defense) for surveillance. The agencies do scan church/religious pages looking for potential nutcases, trends, etc.