Comments on Identity

By now, most of you have probably seen the horrific spectacle of a weblog post about a celebrity gathering comments from clueless web users who inexplicably believe they have found said celebrity’s contact form, or at least some online go-between. I’ve received, to a much smaller extent, comments for Kris Aquino and Bro Eddie, causing me to wonder whether people in general even read webpages before submitting feedback. (I imagine that if this entry about Miriam Defensor Santiago were still open, it might also gather a few nuts, seeing how it nears the top of a Google search.)

Most amusing by far was the contact form email I received from an irate AOL subscriber wishing to cancel her service, who found this entry. It makes you wonder: this person knew enough to do a web search, find a contact form link, and submit it. Wouldn’t she have known enough to look at a URL and read an entry to figure out that I am not, in fact, AOL?

Another thing, I believe the web is a bit poorer for the loss of fan mail sent to Chris O’Donnell intended for the actor. Bring back the mail, Chris!

Update: Well, all it needed was a little hunting: Chris O’Donnell’s fan mail! And how could I forget the Sassy Lawyer’s Kris/Ruffa thread? Plus, check out Keith Devens’ Jessica Lynch post. (At least we’ve had nothing so bad as, “Dear Die Hard, you rock!”)