Camgirls and Enjo Kosai

Another feature on camgirls, this time from Yahoo! Internet Life. Page 3 mentions cultural similarities with Enjo Kosai, a now-illegal practice in Japan where well-to-do teenage girls trade sex and/or dates with older men for gifts and cash. Shocking, to be sure, but the parallelism is quite interesting.

No doubt, some of you are thinking, Why does this horny bastard keep blogging about camgirl “culture” and Asian sex when it’s obvious he’s just fixated on softcore cam shots of nubile young jailbait teens? Sick puppy!

Wait, wait, no! Beyond the usual adolescent fascination over the culture’s dangerous overlap with the far-less-subtle sphere of online pornography, what I find a bit more troubling are these words by former stripper Lily Burana: “Everyone vies for the attention of teenage girls — from men to marketing departments to entertainment industry tastemakers, They’re choosy, they’re sophisticated, and they’re cultural arbiters in their own way, and everyone knows it.”

Good gosh. Okay, young girls just beginning to discover the blossoming power of their sexuality, by virtue of their sex, hold enough cultural clout to be the trendsetters of our day? Does that sound accurate to you, and if so, just a bit scary? (Related angsty pithyism: “If hypnotists are so good, why aren’t they the ones in control? What if they are?”)

Well, perhaps I’m delving too deeply into something which could be a potential stumbling block, so I’ll quit it while I’m still decent. Oh wait, too late.


  1. ben says:

    quality posting

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking along the smae lines as your “related angsty pithyism.” If teenage girls are so ‘in control’ then how come Titanic wasn’t a huge hit and how come the Back Street Boys and *NSync and Brittney Spears aren’t huge hits? Um, wait, in a way they are. Urgh. Better start training my daughter while she’s a preteen!