Kitsch ‘n Ditz Indulgences

I’m about to tell you something shocking and awful which might cause you to lose a lot of respect for me. If you don’t think you can stand to be terribly disillusioned with the Paulo you’ve come to know and love, stop reading right now.

I have a Livejournal. I use it to paste funny chat transcripts and random stupid images I make or find on the web.

Wait, wait; it gets worse.

I’m also on MySpace. And I revived my Friendster profile, too.

Links to all have been added to Brownpau’s Home on the Online Internet Web. It’s my hope that despite my petty and shallow indulgence in these aspects of internet kitsch ‘n ditz, you may retain at least some of the former esteem with which I was once held before I admitted these horrible secrets.

(The MySpace profile is especially fun to work with, since the customization uses a freeform <textarea> which takes just about any snippet of code, even <style> tags which can override the default profile CSS. Is it any wonder people go so wild with it?)