Flickr and Yahoo Logins Merging

Flickr is merging logins with Yahoo. That makes me quite sad and dejected, not because of the convenience of having one less login and password to deal with, but because someone else got “brownpau” on Yahoo long before me, and whoever it is has not answered my polite requests and offers of financial recompense for the name. For now, I will refrain from merging the accounts — unless someone at Flickr or Yahoo with some clout can negotiate a favorable transfer? (Wink, wink.)

Update: An update from the Flickr Blog makes it clear that Flickr screen names will not be changed, which is some relief, but my point is that I want the account “brownpau” on Yahoo! :(

Update: Related discussion in the “Flick Off!” group. Looks like Yahoo is adamant about those usernames. :(