Affordablehost Going Down the Drain

Over the weekend, Affordablehost lost data to a hard disk crash on the server which hosts my site. There were backups, but they were three days old, so not only weblog entries from Thursday onward were lost, but also a weekend’s worth of forum entries on, and possibly email on two other clients’ sites as well.

Affordablehost’s service has gone completely downhill since they were bought by dotCanada: slow access, slow support, constant downtime, and now this hard disk crash. Once upon a time, Tina Peters’ old Affordablehost would have expressed regret for the loss of data, and perhaps thrown in a free month of hosting for the trouble — or they would at least have emailed an apology to customers. The new Affordablehost has extended no such courtesies to me.

I was able to restore my site from my own cache in Offline Mode, but it’s definitely time to get out of here before Affordablehost does any further damage. I’m browsing WebHostingTalk for feedback, and I currently have an eye on Site5. Anyone else have recommendations for a good managed reseller hosting package with unlimited addon domains for under $25/month?

Update: Special Axishost deal for Affordablehost refugees! Axishost is Tina Peters’ new web hosting venture.


  1. tray says:

    take a look at i’m actually moving another affordablehost hosted website to host it cheap… i’ve been very happy with their answers to my questions and any tech problems.

  2. daniel says:

    Check out, my hosting company. They recently upgraded their services to include more space and more traffic while keeping the same prices.

  3. Willie says:

    Hi Paulo. Take a look at A Small Orange ( I’ve been with them for a year now and the uptime of their servers are great. Support has been very responsive so far.

  4. Bam says:

    I use Hurricane Electric ( No worries about the unlimited domains there — they let you edit your DNS record directly.

    Not a very control-panelly place though. If you want something done, ssh to your bash shell.

  5. Dougal says:

    Boy is this affordablehost screwing up. I am trying to do a major overhall for a client I recommended to them.

    They have restricted access to the site files, I can only get to 2000 of the 5000+ files on the site and have serious egg on my face with my client. Last month it took me three days to get them to “allow” me access to all the site files, (I lost 3 days work @ $45/hr) and today I am once again facing the same BS from them along with arrogant replies that try and tell me how to do my job but still refuse me access to all the site files.

    “Oh where has Tina Peters gone” I though all was lost but this afternoon I found her again. She has another hosting company “”

    I am moving all my clients from affordablehost to her asap and saying goodbye to the BS.

  6. Ryan says:

    I agree. They’ve gone completely down hill.

  7. dan miller says:

    AH was great, but Tina must be completely out of the picture. The new setup sucks eggs bigtime. Constant downtime, changes in email server names, bad certificates, you name it. They got rid of the great IRC chat desk and replaced it with some shite firm that walks you through canned tutorials, probably in India. Complete waste of time.

    Occasionally a ticket will end up with one of the old staff, and I get a helpful answer, but it’s the exception now, not the norm.

    Too bad, they were great. Now I’m also Looking for a new provider with some personal, hands-on service.

  8. dan miller says:

    I checked out AxisHost. Guess what? Tina’s there, but she can’t take over anny Afforable-screwed customers until 2006. Talk about a bullshit deal.

    I gave her a piece of my mind. Now I really need a hosting company.