We Love DC

I had stopped writing for DC Metroblogging earlier this year, at a point when my posting frequency was down to about once a month and my work/home life simply did not give me time for it. There was no drama or conflict involved, just simple quiet lapsing into dormancy because I had too much on my plate.

I recently got back in on local weblog action, however, when I met up with my friend Tom Bridge to help start a new DC site, We Love DC — lovingly designed by John Athayde and coded up in WordPress by myself. The launch of We Love DC did involve some drama, as the current team of writers (not including myself, since I had left earlier for different reasons from theirs) simultaneously pulled a surprise public resignation from DC MB to move over to WLDC — a Fourth of July stunt which caused some anger. Being a nonconfrontational type, I’m kind of glad I threw in my writing hat before the conspiracy had surfaced, making me less implicit in it and guilty only of going where my friends were — though I still did support the “rebels” by doing their WordPress development work, which prompted this thought on my Internet alignment.

Anyway, check out We Love DC. Against my better judgement, my DC-interest writing pants are back on, and I’m an author on the site. Most of my material will be shorter snippets for the Daily Feed, but I’ll have an occasional longer feature, like my entry in the “Why I love DC” series.

My author archive, and my author feed, which I guess I should add to Feedburner or something.