Candy From Strangers

Candy From Strangers, an old Salon article detailing the gritty, greedy underside of camgirl culture. It’s like all the nasty parts of high school: only online with pictures, wishlists, and blogs.


  1. Tim says:

    That is like spooky. I can’t decide who’s exploiting who. Is it virtual prostitution? Wow.

  2. Paulo says:

    It’s odd, isn’t it? Wishlists, webcams, and teenage girls … relatively innocent and innocuous on their own, but put them together on a webpage and show it to the right target audience, and you have this.

    On the other hand, I doubt this is any different from the world that underlies certain facets of youth culture in high schools everywhere. The “camgirl world” just brings it out into the open.

    So be sure to raise the kids right, folks. ;)

  3. Bam says:

    Wishlist and webcam… you’re two for three, Pau! :)

  4. Paulo says:

    Yet no matter how much flesh I show on my cam, no one buys me stuff from my wishlist! ;D

  5. Vix says:

    I never knew this side of web cam culture existed. I’m in the Dark Ages. But it is frightening.