Russell has “tagged” me with the ubiquitous “Eight Random Facts/Habits” meme. Apparently the meme comes with a stipulation that you must copy and paste a set of rules regarding the transmission of this meme, to which I say, screw the rules! I’ll summarize them how I like! So give eight random facts or habits about yourself, link back to this post, and link to [at most] eight other people whom you would like to infect with this viral concept of transmissive self-revelation. Here are my random eight:

  1. I’ve been baptized no less than three times in my life:
    1. Catholic sprinkling baptism as an infant.
    2. “Born-again” immersion at GCF.
    3. Fundamental Independent Baptist immersion at Berean Bible Baptist in Parañaque because apparently the GCF baptism was an “alien immersion.”
  2. I shot a man in Half-Life just to watch him die.
    • With his last breath he called me “Gordon.”
  3. I once wrote a girl that I loved her before I even knew what the words meant.
    • It was her birthday.
    • She never answered.
    • This was in first grade at a school in Foster City, California.
  4. I enjoy the recreational use of nested lists.
    • Can you tell?
    • Nested lists are awesome.
    • I write the HTML manually in a single line without returns or tabs because I’m so hardcore.
    • Also because Movable Type keeps parsing the line breaks.
  5. The one time in my life I’ve been offered a joint, I turned it down.
    • Everyone else in the circle went except me.
    • I was so uncool.
  6. When I’m bored and have finished reading my feeds, LJ friends, Facebook updates, and Twitter stream, I like to randomly click through:
  7. That’s no moon.
    • It’s a space station.
  8. Whenever I accept “tags” like this I am seized by an overwhelming urge to follow the links as far back as I can.
    • It sometimes gets annoying because a lot of these people don’t know how to link back.
    • But I managed to trace this one back to a loop in May, which can be read after the jump.

This tag needs to take a jump to Southeast Asia. I’m sending it to: Scrufus, Noelle, Angie, Trixia, Gail, Arnold, Keren, and Migs.

Meme Genealogy: Eight Random Facts/Habits

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