SpankGranny Goes WordPress

Raffy has moved to WordPress after his old install of Movabletype was shut down due to the comment spam server load issue. I’ve stuck with Movable Type thus far because it’s been the best solution to work with my heavily customized templates — and I prefer publishing static files — but I do heartily recommend WordPress if you want a quick, easy, extensible out-of-the-box weblog package. If your Cpanel web host offers Fantastico — as Affordablehost does — then WordPress is just a one-click install away.


  1. Bobber says:

    Have you ever tried Blosxom?

  2. Paulo says:

    Bobber – I did try Blosxom for another project at one point, but it was just to 1337 for me. I went rushing back to the soothing comfort of a graphical frontend.

  3. Rob says:

    I use WordPress for my personal site and I really like it. I have serious comment spam issues, but I have good luck using Fahim Farook’s WPBlackList which is very good. I don’t have the URL handy but I’m sure you can find it with Google.

  4. Jason Wall says:

    I’ve not used WP, mainly because I wouldn’t rather not pay for mysql access. MT offers the DB_File module, which is really nice.

  5. Bobber says:

    One of the things I really like about Blosxom is that it doesn’t use a data base. Just plain old text files. For smaller blogs, I don’t see why you need anything more than this. And the computer file system works great for catagorizing things.

  6. Linnwood says:

    I recently dropped my multi-blog install of MT, as it was taking me hours every day to clear the same, even with MT-Blacklist.

    WordPress is much nicer. And, my host Dreamhost, also offers one button WordPress installs!