The Work of Natalie Bookchin

Since the topic of my research paper is net artist Natalie Bookchin, I’m going to be living, eating, and breathing her work all through the holiday while I write up 6-8 pages on the phenomenology of her art vis-a-vis the role of new media in the formation of a new postmodern cultural psyche.

(No, I didn’t understand that either.)

First stop: The Intruder — the short story by Jorge Luis Borges, interactively rendered as a set of classic arcade games. The manner in which each game is played speaks for the content of the passage being reinterpreted. — simulating the office of tomorrow, where you help a genetically modified mutant employee in realizing the economic goals of a company in the ultra-capitalist future.

Searching for the Truth — seek the Answer from the search engines.

May the turkeys of Thursday sustain me in my research.