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Waffle House

A few things you should know about me and Waffle House: I only know about Waffle House because of Homestar Runner. The closest Waffle House to me is 30 miles away in Dumfries, Virginia, so I don’t get to eat at Waffle House much, which makes it a momentous event when I do. There is […]


BusinessWeek story on Sriracha and its creator, David Tran. I knew about Sriracha long before Oatmeal made it cool, and even from my youth, Huy Fong chili-garlic sauce (or Lee Kum Kee) was a staple condiment for any meal of broiled chicken. Tran’s route to spicy fame is a classic immigrant culinary success story, but […]

Breakfast as Expression of Duality

Saturday mornings are happy breakfast mornings, when we wake up late and make eggs. Here is an example of a happy Saturday morning breakfast arranged into something like art: a halved slice of toast, a half-slice of salami, and half of an omelette du fromage.


Mom got us some Edo-style broiled eel from Tokyo when she came to visit so we’re eating that now with some rice. Here it is with Pandora, who didn’t get any.


Seen at the “Soviet Safeway” on 17th St NW. There’s at least two things wrong with this photo:

Chocolate Edamame

In Trader Joe’s, dark chocolate covered edamame. No. No! NOOOO!!! (Chocolate Edamame uploaded by brownpau.)

Free Cone Day 2008

Free Cone Day today, so kingkool68 and skunkgal and I took a break from work to go down to Ben and Jerry’s in Georgetown and avail ourselves of the frozen dairy giveaway. Some quick phone snaps from while we stood in the considerable line: I got my standard default order when I don’t know what […]


At Whole Foods. Hemp: it’s the new soy. Seriously, hemp milk? Previously: hemp brownies. All non-THC, sadly. (HempBlis.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)


I just ordered a Vietnamese coffee at Miss Saigon and was served this odd drip apparatus. Not sure I understand it fully yet. (VietCoff.jpg uploaded by brownpau.)

Corn and Magazine

Spotted yesterday while lining up at Whole Foods: someone appears to have decided he didn’t want this ear of corn anymore, so he stuffed it in the InStyle magazine rack. Classy.