Cast Iron

Cast Iron Pan

Been curious about cooking with cast iron for a while, so I got a Lagostina preseasoned cast iron pan on sale at Canadian Tire for $20, and I guess I’m a cast iron man now.

Cast Iron Pan: Pancakes Cast iron pan frying vegetables

I did have to re-season after the first couple inexperienced uses (made the mistake of cooking eggs the first time), and it took a while to get used to the concept of not washing the pan, just letting it gather polymerized oil layers with every use. At some point the seasoning became truly nonstick, and at last I understood The Way of Cast Iron.

Cooking Bacon in Cast Iron Pan Cornbread in Cast Iron Pan

So far I’ve cooked cornbread, bacon, eggs, vegetable stir fry, garlic fried rice, breaded italian chicken cutlets, giant oat pancakes, sausages, and Newfoundland Steak.

Cast iron pan fried Greek-ish herb breaded chicken Cast Iron Pan: Newfoundland Steak

For instruction and inspiration I’ve purchased MeFite cinnachick’s Everything Cast Iron Cookbook (affiliate link). New paperbacks are in stock now but at the time I had to buy it secondhand from some online thrift bookstore — which gave us a bit of a funny/awkward story that I will not relay here.

The Everything Cast Iron Cookbook

Things I still want to try cooking in this pan: Breakfast Skillet Cake, Skillet Pizza, Paella, and Hamburger Rice.