Let’s all sing now:

“There are Chinese soups

And there are Chinese soups

But there is nothing like

Knorr Real Chinese Soup

Knorr is one of a kind

Best chinese soup you can find

Knorr is easy to cook

Just add one egg! (crack, gong!)

There are Chinese soups

And there are Chinese soups

But there is nothing like

Knorr Real Chinese Sooo-oup!


Thanks to my Mom for sending over a large bag full of Knorr Chinese Soup packets. (A product popularly advertised through the aforementioned commercial jingle, in the Philippines of the late 80’s.) Perfect for these snowy winter nights.


  1. rowster says:

    Hahahahaha!!!! :) That is a CLASSIC advertisement! :)

  2. Ben says:

    Here’s something you may find interesting about this product. The idea of adding one egg to ready made food was an idea of one of Freuds american relations. It has little effect on the recipe but allows the preparer to feel involved and therefore better with themselves as they have gone to some effort to make the food. Effort + Ingredients = Healthy Food = Loving family. Something like that.

  3. Rod says:

    How can a Swiss company make real Chinese soup?

  4. Rod says:

    I’m sorry. Knorr is a GERMAN company, not a Swiss one. Big difference. The Germans know SO MUCH MORE about Chinese soup.

  5. rowster says:

    hmmm … i always thought that the reason why you add an egg to Knorr Chinese soup is because many kinds of Chinese soup are traditionally cooked with egg, whether or not they’re readymade …. (Hence the name “egg drop soup.”) :)

    Meanwhile … regardless of where the head office of Knorr is … the Knorr products in Asia are different from the Knorr products in Europe and elsewhere in the world. (I don’t think Knorr in Europe has Knorr calamansi seasoning nor Knorr tamarind sinigang broth … or does it?)

  6. Paulo says:

    I assume that Knorr Philippines is the local division of the German multinational Knorr? As for the eggs, yes, eggs are usually cooked into Chinese soup in that manner. Still, I’ll bet they could have added the flavoring into the powder mix, but brought in that Freudian familial consideration to boost the product’s personal value.

  7. Raffy says:

    HAHAHAH! I was hoping I’d hear that song from someone else. I thought I was the only one who remembered.

    BTW, the last stanza goes (after the gong)…

    “Thick and chunky and rich, Knorr real Chinese soup…”

    Which actually makes me wonder: What the soup actually thick and chunky? And would those be the words I would use to describe them either way? It makes Chinese egg drop soup sound like Campbell’s Chunky four-course-meal-in-a-can soup.

  8. Noelle says:

    Yum! Yeah, I remember that commercial. They’d crack the egg on a bald guy’s head! Hahaha! †

  9. toni girl says:

    When you do visit the Philippines, make sure to tell me. I’m working closely with Knorr so I can try to snag some freebies for ya. :)