Cooking ng Ina Mo

About to try cooking Myra’s Chicken Adobo. Wish me luck.

Update: Except for the fact that I had no potatoes or boiled eggs, had to use garlic powder instead of real garlic, and onion powder instead of onions, the adobo cooked surprisingly well. I did not follow the above recipe exactly, since I was going for the stew-like adobo rather than the skillet-fried variety. My mix calls for a bit more soy sauce, lots more bay leaves and garlic [powder], a bit of sugar, and a much longer simmer to let it all work through the meat. The final output tastes a lot like how my mom makes it. Which is a good thing.

I failed to consider the lack of kitchen exhaust in my apartment, so my whole living space is deliciously saturated with the smell of garlicky adobo, even after having a window open to the sub-freezing air all night. Delightful.


  1. Good luck.

    Paulo, since you’re obviously awake, can you help me out? I’m using Mozilla Firebird. FOr some reason, I can’t use the forms at the main blog (–comments form and search form. The comments form worked when it was in a pop-up window. I just made it inline and I can’t use it with Firebird. Works ok with IE though.

    Pwede? Thanks.