Starbucks still serves Short

On my arrival in the USA, I wasn’t too surprised to find that “Short” was not included in the Starbucks hot coffee sizes. (“Small” in other restaurants over here, after all, is often the size of the Filipino “Large,” so what need is there for the diminutive “Short”?)

It turns out, however, that the 8oz. Short is still a viable option; you just need to ask for it by name. Not “Small” or “Regular” — that’ll get you a “Tall” — but a “Short.”

(Not that it matters; $1.30 is a lot to pay for just 8oz. of coffee.)

“We’re actively looking for a bigger size,” Scheumann reports. “Perhaps a 30-ounce cup.” Bigger than “Venti”? Sure, go ahead, Starbucks. You could call it “Vat.” Or “Swimming Pool.”