McRice Burger

IMG_9256.JPG IMG_9255.JPG

This is a Beef Supreme McRice Burger, a beef patty with lettuce and sauce between two patties of molded sticky rice rather than the usual bread bun. It’s apparently been a big hit at Asian McDonald’s outlets, though my friends here in Manila say the P100 price tag for a meal is a bit steep. Coming from the land of $7 lunches, I say $2 is great for a McRice Burger with fries and soda, even at Filipino serving sizes. I’m certain a good part of the price goes to that unique packaging, a pull-and-peel tab affair which makes it possible to eat the rice sandwich without getting the fingers all sticky. McRice Burger, B+ score! (It would get an A if it were just bigger, but again, Filipino serving sizes.)