General Tso’s Broccoli

Kudos to China Cafe on Connecticut Ave NW (near Dupont Circle) for finally adding broccoli to General Tso’s Chicken, the Friday lunch special. General Tso’s Chicken is really hard to eat all by itself, what with the dough and sauce and all, so the broccoli was a welcome additional viand.

In other news, it turns out that General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and Orange Chicken are all the same thing, with the exception of sesame seeds and orange sauce in the latter two. And what they call “lo mein” around these parts is what I grew up calling “pansit canton.”

And what’s up with Chinese restaurants serving cheeseburgers and sushi?


  1. Phisch says:

    Around here, it’s donuts and Chinese food in the same establishment.

  2. filmgoerjuan says:

    In my suburb, someone took over a local fish & chip shop and turned it into a Japanese restaurant, sushi place *and* fish & chip shop.

    Nothing like that deep fried smell when you’re trying to chow down on your Kappi Maki.

  3. nomad says:

    Mmmm. I love sesame chicken (and apparently General Tso’s and Orange Chicken too). Makes me hungry.

  4. JJB says:

    Cheeseburgers and sushi? Ick. I prefer my burgers without sushi.


    Sesame chicken is our main chinese food choice. The folks up the street make it just right. (At least the way we like it.)

  5. Wendy says:

    When we were in San Francisco, we saw a shop that sold candy, cigarettes, greeting cards, and sushi. Mmm…

  6. Sparticus says:

    In the UK it is practically mandatory for all chinese take-aways to also sell fish and chips. Handy when ordering for lots of people and some fool moans about not liking Chinese food