Bye Bye Bubba

Dear brethren, today we mourn the passing of Bubba, but we take some consolation in the fact that he died without suffering. Now pass the butter.


  1. What’s really sad is that prolly nobody did eat him. What a waste! I think the lesson we can learn is that if God gives you a lobster the size of a small automobile, He intends you to eat it to His glory!

  2. Sara says:

    I have to agree with Valerie. Funny stuff.

  3. Rick says:

    Sad to see that people still try to move these giants, as history has proven they don’t like to be moved. Quoting from the CNN newsitem:

    “In 1985, a 25-pound lobster that the New England Aquarium planned to give to a Tokyo museum died when the water temperature rose and the salt dropped in its aquarium. In 1990, a 17-1/2-pound lobster named Mimi died just days after being flown to a restaurant in Detroit. Last year, a 14-pound lobster named Hercules that was rescued by a Washington state middle school class died before it could be released off the coast of Maine.”

    I wish people would wise up and just let creatures like that be…