Lemony BBQ Pork Chops

I’ve cooked a few things, but until last week, I had never cooked a pork chop. Oh, I’ve eaten pork chops several times, but I’ve never actually made a pork chop meal for myself. That changed on Friday, as I purchased two nice big slabs to do with as I pleased, along with a little shaker of BBQ Grill Mate. Here, then, is my quick and dirty recipe for BBQ-sprinkled lemony pork chops.

  1. Sprinkle pork chops with BBQ Grill Mate.
  2. Drizzle with olive oil and squeeze a lemon or two over it.
  3. Leave to marinate in refrigerator for the afternoon.
  4. Broil at 450°F for 12 minutes. Use a proper drip tray to let the fat and excess olive oil drip out.
  5. Serve with optional apple sauce.

As with most of my cooking, all times and quantities are arbitrary. If you’ve got a grill or a George Foreman, grill away; it saves you the step of dripping off excess fat and olive oil, which I had to do since I don’t have a proper broiling drip tray.