DC Heat Wave 2006

Update: This entry was for the June heat wave of 2006. The following August, we had Heat Wave 2006: Part 2!

Heat wave! Apparently yesterday was as hot as it would get this summer, at least according to CapitalWeather. What I said back in 2002 still applies now: this weather was par for the course in Manila. Walking around DC in these hot, soupy summer days brings me right back to walking around Makati, through air so thick with ozone and nitrogen oxide from vehicle exhaust that you were almost swimming in it. Every day was a Code Red day. And this was in December.

WaPo has the science on heat and the body, and we have roundups from DCist and ReadExpress. (This all comes a bit late, of course. My windowside thermometer says it’s in the low 80s outside, rather than the low 100s it was yesterday.) More curmudgeonly “you youngins call this a heat wave” chest-beating from WhyIHateDC, and CartoonChurch reports that it is now rather hot in the UK.