Hi-C Orange

“Good afternoon sir welcome to McDonald’s may I take your order?”

“Filet-O-Fish sandwich with small fries and medium orange juice, please.”

“Sir, you want Hi-C Orange sir?”

“Yes, orange juice, please.”

“Sir, Hi-C Orange?”

“Yes, that’s the orange juice, isn’t it?” Is she trying to make me say the brand name?

“Sir, we don’t have orange juice. Would you like Hi-C Orange, sir?”

(At this point, I thought of playing a little game to see who would give in first: would the attendant give me the orange juice or would I be forced to order by the brand name? But I was hungry, so I just nodded, waved my hand noncommitally, and shoved the cash towards her. It was a yummy Filet-O-Fish with orange juice.)