Lemon Pepper Salmon

I’m grilling some salmon sprinkled with soy sauce and lemon pepper in the toaster oven right now. Any cooks out there have suggestions for other herbs/spices I can add to enhance the flavor? (Rosemary and thyme didn’t work out too well yesterday.)


  1. chi says:

    did u say Salmon? oh my i love salmon!! *yum-yum* now, im getting hungry

  2. doug says:

    Say, that’s way better than oatmeal! Did you save me any?

  3. Raffy says:

    Italian seasoning seems to go well with just about anything. Wait, does that have rosemary and thyme in it? Supermarkets provide ready-made seasoning for different sort of flavors and palates.

    Palates? Hansel?

  4. eWe says:

    hrmm… *slurps*

    i think a bit of spice would make it nice… but soya sauce is nice…

    i don’t see salmon as Italian though but it’s worth giving it a shot… why not have some salmon with some pasta… that way adding the herbs and spices would make it better since pasta tastes nice with Italian herbs… yep.. that’s it


  5. Jesper says:


  6. ganns says:

    Try butter and chives (the fresh type, not them dried ones). Then a bit of garlic and oregano.

    Another option is to saute the salmon meat in onions, fresh pound garlic and tomatoes. :)