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Video shows a trampoline rolling by a window in high winds. Recorded as Hurricane Bawbag hit Scotland in December of 2011. A true classic of internet.

how now @brownpau

Update, April 2: Okay, those of you who hate stupid April Fools Day web pranks can come out now; the Skittles Twitter Search plus MormonJesusRoll gimmick is over. I’ll do an actual redesign sometime soon; CSS Naked Day 2009 is right around the corner, after all. You may have noticed that How Now Brownpau has […]

My SEO Level is Over 9000

It all started with my 99 character SEO seminar, in which I challenged the bloated world of search engine optimization (SEO) with just a few simple rules which had always worked for me: (1) Write compelling content. (2) Use descriptive headlines. (3) Link judiciously. (4) Get linked. Josh (whom some of you may know better […]

I Once Was Lost

This was originally a response to the Metatalk thread on J.D. Frazer’s “User-Friendly” plagiarism, but I figured it was worth sharing here too. Well, while we’re at it: I tried to pass off Amazing Grace as my own original melody in a sixth grade music composition assignment. I didn’t even know at the time that […]


Seen at the “Soviet Safeway” on 17th St NW. There’s at least two things wrong with this photo:

OS X Apps

OK, I think this should be my last post on Macs for a while. Here are the “must-have” applications I’ve downloaded for OS X on my MacBook so far: Of course the requisite browsers, Firefox and Opera. Adium for multi-protocol instant messaging, plus Skype, which I use only rarely Textwrangler for code and text editing. […]

Apollo Glove

(Paulo with Apollo Glove uploaded by amy kow.) This comes a bit late, as Amy just uploaded it, but here’s a photo she took of me trying on an Apollo spacesuit glove, courtesy Ron Woods of NASA back during the 2008 Folklife Festival. It was a very hot glove, and had been sitting around a […]

NJ/NYC Aug 2008

Amy and I spent the weekend up in the NJ/NYC area, shopping for clothes and picnicking in Clinton on Saturday, and bussing up to New York after church on Sunday. We met up with Marc and Kate for dim sum in Chinatown, and originally had planned to check out the MoMA or Guggenheim, but having […]

Photo Booth

And now, I present to you my first two Photo Booth snapshots: At right, the “Squeeze” effect is used to greatly exaggerate my hair and chin. At left, what looks like a simple disheveled self-portrait is actually a successful application of Photo Booth’s “Tired Guy in Bathrobe with Messy Shower-Hair” effect. I don’t look like […]

Truly An American Icon

Today is April 1st, the day when web pranks ensue. For a change from previous April Fool’s redirects (1, 2, 3), I have instead decided to forego a front-page prank and instead provide you, internet, with a valuable web prank service: the “Stephen King is Dead”* Obituary Troll Generator. A simple homegrown PHP-based mad-lib script, […]