Saints of GD

Patron Saints of Graphic Design. W. Lynn Garrett does a superb job of drawing on Catholic literary and artistic tradition to come up with a professional graphic designer’s tongue-in-cheek hagiology. Some of the saints’ histories are funny, others are groaners, but all of the “paintings” (actually digital photocollages) are exceptionally well done, with all the narrative detail one would see in a medieval triptych.

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  1. lynn says:

    ok, so ya gotta be more specific sweetie… I can’t improve the site without constructive criticism. which are the groaners? (To be honest, if you’ve ever read real saint biographies, they are by NATURE groaners! Perhaps it’s just proof of authenticity…)

  2. lynn says:

    P.S. – If you couldn’t tell by my site, I’ve got a strong sense of humor… so I was kidding. Obviously I love saints or I wouldn’t have done the site.