Welcome to WWTQ 2.0

Today seems like a good day to make a very important announcement: Welcome to WEB 2.0. (If you’re coming here through a feed reader, you have to go to the home page of my site to get the full impact of this update.) (Okay, redirect fun is over.)

Okay, seriously now, you can stop laughing. What I really meant to announce, apart from the Zombocom-inspired April 1st gag, was that I’ve relaunched What Was The Question, my old repository for digital art projects from my MICA grad school days and onward. Not much new content, but I cleaned up the code, streamlined the design a bit, and chased down hastily-coded renegade pages which hadn’t yet been assimilated into the overall WWTQ style.

Some notable changes: a bar across the top of the site doubles as page header and breadcrumb navigation, the Strangelover and Resemanticizer have been incrementally updated with a somewhat cleaner backend, the LJ Image Feed now has a fresh new look, the Mars Rover Wiggles have a new javascripty interface (but no new wiggles, sorry), and the whole site is now done in Lucida Grande (or Trebuchet MS for those stuck on Windows).

Some day I’ll have time to add new “art” to the site along the lines of the typography and syndication exploration that I once explored as a graduate student mired in liberal postmodernism. I might even beat Kottke to an update.