Comment Spam, Bagels, and Racist Aunts

Bad enough that we get email and IM spam; now our blogs have to worry about comment spam. I would no more buy products from a spammer than I would buy food from a grocery aisle sampler who insists on violently stuffing my mouth with truckloads of crackers and cheese against my will.

The eminently linkworthy Dane says that he hails from the Sovereign Nation of Southern California. But according to the United States of Todd Levin’s Racist Aunt, “no one should be that far from a bagel.”


  1. The Dane says:

    Bagel-Schmagel. Whatever – we gots yer bagel right here, eh? We also have the best Mexican food. Far better than in that other country we may one day annex (you know… they call ’em the States).

  2. Dave Nat says:

    If they stuffed my mouth with stoned wheat thins, I might break down and buy a box. But triscuit or ritz? Never! But seriously, I saw an article that said that spammers are typically happy with a 1 out of 10,000 response rate. There oughtta be a law. And I’m a libertarian.