Overlords Welcome You

Recently on #mefi:

<brownpau> Well, in Soviet Russia, overlords welcome you!

<bethbeth> good one brownpau, twenty points. no, make it thirty

<mr_crash_davis> Score.

Thank you, thank you. That was a once-in-a-lifetime memetic crossover line, and I don’t think I’ll be able to reach such heights of geeky wittiness ever again.

(For reference: Metafilter, #mefi, in-jokes, overlords, Soviet Russia.)

UPDATE: Beat me to it by over a month. I tip my hat to thee.


  1. Bob S says:

    Ah, but yours was actually read by someone other than yourself and Googlebot, no? No one actually reads my blog unless they are unfortunate enough to stumble on it while doing a search for “allons enfants de la patrie”, “agreeance”, “yahoo fake login page” or, yes, “welcome overlords”, and the “overlords welcome you” thing I came up with was something I was sure would be just a laugh shared between me and my best friend, my computer, never leaving the pathetic involuntary privacy of my basement….