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The transient instability of social media serves as a reminder that I should refocus on my personal website as the core of my online presence.

DC Metroblogging and Washington Post Blogger Summit

Following a few communiqués with Tom, I am now writing for DC Metroblogging, with all the wild fame and fortune that entails. I agonized for days over what my first debut entry would be, until finally, sitting at the WaPo Blogger Summit last Tuesday, I decided to forego all introductory niceties and just jump into […]

Some Kid Stuff

A few updates on children who in various ways are connected to this weblog: The Delgados’ preemie weblog had a bit of a Blogger glitch, so “Pray for Alicia” has moved to Call Me Alicia. Alicia herself is doing well. Margaret, who was born on my birthday, is two. TWO. Now What Cat sent me […]

Weblog Tipping Point

I’ve received a link in the weblog tip chain from Andrew, which works like so: Choose three or more bloggers you admire and link to them. List three reasons why you admire each one Add one tip for each blogger. Here’s a random selection of three out of the many writers (sorry, I still refuse […]


I’m trying out Vox, the new hosted weblog service by Six Apart (makers of Movable Type and Typepad, and acquisitors of Livejournal). So far I’ve been mostly disappointed, but that’s probably because my expectations of a weblog service are rather different from what people usually want. Apparently most of you out there want an easy […]

Back to Bloglines

I just went back to Bloglines. I know I said before that feeds are a river and Bloglines was drowning me, but after a few months, Kinja just isn’t doing it for me, plus, like Google Reader, it lacks batch editing capabilities, which is a real pain when you want to remove or recategorize a […]

Pray for Alicia

Pray For Alicia, a 24-week preemie born to Mike and Hechung Delgado. (Some of you may remember Mike as the funny guy at Picklebrine and The Dangling Conversations.) In addition to cheering for the baby, we also get tons of firsthand education from Mike and Hechung about premature babies, in live weblog format, with photos. […]

Blogger Pruning

As you may surmise from Backup Brownpau and my Blogger profile, I’ve recently done a big Blogger cleanup, pruning out dormant weblogs and repurposing the single active one into a downtime fallback. Whereas my Blogspot space has served several roles in the past, I found over time that each of those roles was best filled […]

Problogging Interview with Yuga

Pinoy Problogger: Paulo Ordoveza. That’s my email interview with Yuga on “problogging.” I really don’t have too much fame to claim for my single pro weblog attempt so far: Cheap and Tiny. I’m just not sure where profitable niche-content weblogs will fit into my grand scheme, so my follow-up on that particular enterprise has been […]

Kottke No Longer “Pro”

Oh, What a Year, says Jason Kottke, ending his “micropatronage experiment” a year after he got $39,900 from his enthusiastic audience. Here’s what I thought of it at the time, and I’m pretty glad now I didn’t contribute. I’d been hoping for two things out of the Pro Plan, which would have had me dropping […]