Grabeh Interview has published an interview with three Filipino bloggers: Anne, Armina, and some random jerk.


  1. armina says:

    hey thanks for the plug :-)

    btw, your site is cool, how did you do the skins everytime i refresh your site it has diff skin?


  2. Richard says:

    Hey, I’d also like to thank Paulo for the plug. Funny how I’m not blogging at the main domain at the moment. And weird how they didn’t link up the URLs.

    And I don’t think you’re a random jerk. Well, at least not random. :P

  3. The Dane says:

    Hey I’d also like to thank Paulo for not caring if my blog falls into abysmal obsurity or not. Thanks man. *sniff* Means the world to me *sniff*

  4. Paulo says:

    I’m really sorry for leaving you out, The Dane, but as you can see, I was trying to give bloggers from the non-consumerism-imperialist countries a break.

  5. The Dane says:

    I’m from Southern California. We’re our own country and its about time you people recognized us as such. *sniff* *sniff* We’re the only Western country that doesn’t really have any urban cities. I think that deserves mention in itself. Here’s a deal: next time Grabeh interviews you and asks which bloggers you like, give mad props to the Heretofore Unrecognized Lackadasical Republic of Southern California. Deal? *whew* Disaster averted.