Problogging Interview with Yuga

Pinoy Problogger: Paulo Ordoveza. That’s my email interview with Yuga on “problogging.” I really don’t have too much fame to claim for my single pro weblog attempt so far: Cheap and Tiny. I’m just not sure where profitable niche-content weblogs will fit into my grand scheme, so my follow-up on that particular enterprise has been lackluster over the past year.

I don’t plan to abandon the idea altogether, as I have other content-driven ideas in the pipeline, but it may mutate, depending on what tools become available in the near future, and how much spare time I’ll have on the side to make things work. That’s why I recommend against leaning too much on latest buzzwords and formats: by staying adaptable, one may find that other formats may serve the target audience better and generate larger profits. For example, I’m starting to think that a well-optimized online gadget store with witty copy and affiliate content may be a better suited venue for my needs, rather than a gadget weblog swimming in a sea already saturated with other gadget weblogs. Think Woot.

Now, the fun part about my above interview with Yuga is that via the comments, I found Kutitots, the weblog of Gail, one of my freshman graphic design staffers back in my GUIDON editor days, who would later fill my editorial boots better than I ever did myself. I gave a talk to her design staff in `01, and haven’t heard from her since. All this time, she had no idea that the “Brownpau” she’d heard of was the same graphic design editor under whom she had gotten her start in The GUIDON — until she saw Yuga’s interview. Now she’s preparing to get married to her sweetheart, and another of her friends, also one of my design staffers and later a GUIDON editor as well, is already married. These kids, *sniff, tear* they just grow up so fast!

Update: Gail’s more verbose history. Wow, this brings back memories. I still cringe at the idea of her predecessor having been a graphic designer after me.