Old Friends’ Weblogs

Updates on some old college friends’ weblogs:

Toni of Wifely Steps recently moved servers and is now running WordPress. It always gives me a lift to read about her rapturous adventures in domestic bliss. She was recently featured in the Manila Bulletin’s “Blog-O-Rama” section: Toni’s Everyday Scribbles, by Annalyn Jusay.

Angie has moved her weblog to “Osong Duling,” which means “Cross-eyed Bear.” I was tickled pink when she told me that she’s now going out with an old classmate of mine from grade school. Small world. (Angie, does he have a site?)

Erik, whom we also called Perik back in college for reasons I can no longer remember, is apparently On The Verge of something.

Ganns continues to be Super Blessed.

Mike and Row are kind of busy and are not updating, but I can assure you that they will be sharing domestic bliss in the near future.