Random Update

Doc Mic has resurrected his weblog, Antifaust.net.

I talked a bit with Raffy last night, and he tells me he’s suffering from problems with Affordablehost similar to mine, only he didn’t lose three days of data, but two months. Which is why his latest entry is suddenly back to July. Thankfully, some of his archives were still in my Firefox “Work Offline” cache, and in the Google cache as well, and I was able to send him raw HTML snapshots of most of the lost content. SpankGranny will live on.

Emeth Hesed Smith is back with a new domain. She once shared a brief reflection on lost love in my comments on that topic, then lapsed into silence on her old domain, eh43.com, and it was feared she was gone forever. Twenty months later, however, she returned.

Russ of MyBrainHurts, one of the first weblogs I ever linked and a key figure in introducing me to Reformed Christianity, is not only back, but engaged.

Ganns has started Husband Chronicles, a weblog on basic life tips, kind of like Lifehacker for single males.

Speaking of Lifehacker, Kottke’s “Popcorn Hacks” has spawned Kottke-inspired Life Hacks.


  1. Sparticus says:

    I actually e-mailed Jason (not that I’m on first name terms or anything) after that entry and said something along the lines of “Dude, that’s not a hack, that’s spending money on microwave popcorn and then using it like normal popcorn, which is about 3000% cheaper”. Oh well.

  2. Thomas says:

    I’m currently using Bluehost, but am looking for a cheaper, less-featured alternative. Bluehost has worked well for me, it’s just a bit much for what I need.