Joshua Foer Meets BJU

Joshua Foer is Jewish, but when his travels take him to Bob Jones University, he decides to go undercover. Then he tries to do it with the Mormons, too. If I ever decide to go to seminary, remind me never to go to BJU.

Update: It’s all gone now. Rest assured that it was funny.


  1. Adam says:

    I am going to order a Book of Mormon next month and have the visit from the missionaries that bring it. I wonder if they will mind if I invite my 4 Christian roommates to join in the discussion.

  2. Greetings, I am a 1992 graduate of BJU. I graduated with a BA degree in Bible. I am now Evangelical, Reformed, and Presbyterian. I didn’t choose seminary at BJU either, nor have I chosen a seminary as of yet. With that all said, I’d much rather be a Bob Jones Student, found in Christ, as one who is Elect of God, than an unregenerate heathen like Joshua Foer whose entire visit to BJU was dishonest, deceitful, and only served as a greater condemnation in his walk in perpetual darkness, save the Grace of God, who may make him alive in Christ someday down the road.

  3. Paulo says:

    While I apologize for possibly offending my fellow brothers in Christ from BJU, I’m not certain that denouncing an unbeliever as “unregenerate heathen” from a pulpit is the best way to win souls to Christ. While Joshua Foer was deceitful with the manner in which he visited BJU, I still found it a poignant — if irreverent — illustration of mainstream Christian culture that should not be ignored, especially by we of the faith.

    That said, Wayne, I can’t find your blog! The link is wrong!

  4. Sorry about the link, I have posted the correct one. BTW, I wasn’t offended by the post or by Joshua’s summary of BJU. Probably couldn’t tell that from my reply, but in any event, I just think that to give credence to his undercover mission is to “wink at sin”. He was deceitful. He lied. He needs to be aware of this fact. Although, I am very evangelistic and want to reach people for Christ, I do think it’s important that we as those who are in the Faith, call deceit, lying, evolution, etc what it is “SIN” and call for the chap to repent of his sins and turn to Christ. If you want an objective opinion of BJU, ask a graduate who spent 4 years there, was a Hall Leader, and very involved in the mission of the University. Although, it was interesting to read his particular comments, as a alumnus, who is no longer in the fundy camp, and is now Reformed and Presbyterian, I can give you an objective view, because I lived it for 4 years. Oh, BTW, I don’t preach from the pulpit nor do I denounce unregenerate people face-to-face as “unregenerate heathen” but at that the same time that is what they are unless they become the recipients of God’s Grace and repent and are baptized into the Covenant.

  5. Paulo says:

    All things considered, I find Foer’s behavior rather distasteful as well, yet at the same time I’m just amused by the whole portrayal of fundy culture. Thanks so much for the input, Wayne. :) I’ve linked up.

  6. I agree. Fundy culture now amuses me as well. BTW, it was my sophomore year at BJU that I “felt” God’s Call to the Philippines as a missionary. It just so happened that a few families had just returned on furlough from the Philippines and I was invited to be with them and the other Philippino students at a Philippino fellowship with good Philippino food. I will never forget it. Of course over 13 years later, I’m still here, so much for “feeling”……..(:

  7. ginny says:

    that’s “filipino”, bud.

  8. I was testing ya and was hoping that I would get a response………..(: Como Staca?