Taking a PR cue from GoogleBlog, Yahoo launches YSearchBlog. Their sidebar links the GoogleBlog, too, although the YSearchBlog itself runs on Movable Type 2.661.

I remain fairly annoyed at Yahoo for allowing their search engine to be overrun with links to machine-generated prank pages, most of which have disappeared, though a stray “wasarrested” or “isshitty” URL seems to float to the top every now and then for some reason.

Guess who’s doing it even worse now: Ask Jeeves and Teoma.

Update: Emailed Zawodny about a security oversight, and dropped in a link to my problems with Yahoo for him to pass along to the search team. As I told him, a lesser mortal might have posted goatse all over the blog by now. ;) But I’ll be satisified with these screenshot snippets instead:

Screenshots of YSearchBlog MT