Rift Among Bloggers

What with the media-induced hullabaloo over the press’ attempts to simplistically dichotomize “old-school” and “war” bloggers, it’s worth noting that that bifurcation already exists on a subtler level with the E/N scene. Often misrepresented by “StileProject”-type sites which broadcast mostly pornography and shocking death photos, the E/N world holds itself apart from the blogging world, with E/N websites loathe to be identified as “blogs,” though strictly speaking, they work on the same principle of regularly, remotely updated content.

I might be way off, though, so I don’t mind correction in this, but I think it’s safe to say that, barring further attempts at goading by the mainstream media, this “warblogger” thing should blow over and, at worst, settle into an E/N kind of tension with the so-called “old school.”

More from Kottke, and some interesting precognitive insight at HYCW.